Post-Production Audio Mixing
Projects mixed in stereo and/or 5.1 surround to delivery
contract specifics with all required audio delivery
elements (Full Mix, M&E, DME, Split Stems etc.) provided.

Sound Design
Defining, acquiring, adjusting and manipulating
previously recorded audio and sound effects into a
unique and presentable soundtrack for a project.

ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement)
The process of re-recording and synchronizing the original
actors dialogue resulting in a more pristine recording not
easily achieved in the production sound recording.

The reproduction, recording and synchronizing of
everyday sounds like footsteps and doors closing to
enhance the overall sound quality of a project.

To liven up the audio on a project and make it sound it's best.

Production Sound Clean Up
Cleaning up and removing the unwanted noise in the
production sound recording. Ambient noises will end
up on the dialogue tracks when recording in an uncontrolled
environment. Using the right equipment and techniques can
reduce this noise.

Custom Sound Effects Creation and Recording
Artificially creating sounds from scratch or enhancing natural
sounds to accent creative points in a project without using
dialogue or music.

File Transfer and Preview via FTP


Robert Hunt is an award winning re-recording
post-production audio mixer for film and television.
His credits include narrative and documentary films and
close to 1000 episodes of broadcast and cable television.
He gained his first experience mixing to picture by working on
corporate projects for clients like AT&T, Blue Fang Games,
Panasonic, Phillips, W.B. Saunders and Wyeth-Ayerst
Pharmaceutical. Prior to post-production mixing, Robert
produced and recorded rap, hip-hop and R&B bands, first
in his own studio and later at DJ Jazzy Jeff’s studio,
A Touch of Jazz, in Gladwynne, PA.
To view a resume click here.


Credits / Select Television

7 Dates, One Knight - pilot
16 Children and Moving In - TLC
48 Hour Wedding - Syndication
A Baby Story - TLC
A Dating Story - TLC
A Wedding Story - TLC
A Makeover Story - TLC
Ambush Makeover - FOX
Bad Girls Club - Oxygen
Birth Day - Discovery Health
Bootcamp - Hulu
Brawlers - Disney
Bubba-Q - Food Network
The Challenge: After Show - MTV
The Chica Show - Sprout
Cruises We Love - Travel Channel
Dash Dolls - E! Entertainment Television
Day Of Weddings - TLC
Defining Moments - Hulu
Deliver Me - Discovery Health
Deliver Me Home Addition - Discovery Health
Donald J. Trunp's Wonderful World Of Golf - Golf Channel
Epicurious - Travel Channel
Fabulous Cakes - TLC
Farm Kings - GAC (Great American Country)
Food Fantasy - Food Network
Golf In America - Golf Channel
I Am Cait - E! Entertainment Television
The Goodnight Show - Sprout
The Haney Project Charles Barkley - Golf Channel
The Haney Project Ray Romano - Golf Channel
Home Matters - Discovery Communications
Keeping Up with the Kardashians - E! Entertainment Television
Maron - IFC
Marry Me in NYC - WE tv
Mission: Organiztion - HGTV
Perfect Proposal - TLC
Player vs. Player - Hulu
Renovations - HGTV
Replay - Hulu
Save My Bath - HGTV
Simplify Your Life - Fine Living Network
Speed Runners - Disney
Surviving Motherhood - TLC
Tanked - Animal Planet
Things We Do For Love - Lifetime
Trading Spaces - TLC
Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls - TLC
Trading Spaces: Home Free - TLC
Trading Spaces: Family - TLC
Trip of a Lifetime - Travel Channel
Ultimate Peril - True TV
Valerie's Home Cooking - Food Network


Credits / Select Films

Ryder - short film written and directed by
Ian Clay

Dior x Big Sean - Fashion Film directed by
Luke Langsdale

The Horseman: Hang Up the Spurs - Short Film
directed by Luke Langsdale

Unfit: The Ward vs. Ward Story - feature length
documentary produced by Route 7 Productions.

Billy's Cult - feature length film produced by
Jaunted Productions.

Tremble & Spark - short film written and directed
by Kelly Burkhardt.

Black Milk - feature length documentary directed
by Ofra Bloch.

Bernadette - feature length documentary produced
by Run Amuck Productions.

Talk Fast - feature length documentary directed
by Chris Deaux and produced by Deauxboy Productions.

Saint Christopher - feature length film directed by
R.T. Herwig and produced by Good Thief Productions/
Prime Image Communication.

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